Seraphina Fiero

Seraphina Fiero


Seraphina Fiero was born in 2008. She studied fine art at Cornish and Gage Academy until dance completely took over her life. She can’t be controlled; you can only hope to contain her. It is rumored that her dreadlocks are the source of her powers when in fact it’s really the yellow spot in her eye that she has lovingly named her ‘crazy peeper’. Seraphina makes almost all of her costumes and as a hippie and activist she makes great use of previously owned items.

She is a Bellydancer, Burlesque Performer, and a Fine Artist of just about any medium she can get her hands on. She is also the Co-Producer of AtmosFear Productions.

While Seraphina has no specific style, she has a flair for the unconventional, unexpected, and dark. She is full of ecstasy and anarchy . . . . and never offers any apologies.

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