Stripped Screw Burlesque likes to keep a sharp edge. Call us raw, gritty, funny, irreverent; call us whatever you like. It's Post-Modern Burlesque the way you like it!


“The ladies are at their best when they’re irreverent and devious, pushing the comedic envelope just a tiny bit farther than most.” - Seattle Burlesque Press, December 12 2010



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July 18 at Columbia City Theater

We are extremely pleased to have Boom Boom L'Roux The Sound of Freedom, as our special guest.

With her own spicy flavor Boom Boom melts hearts and captivates souls!

Our pert and provocative entre artists are Miss Elaine Yes and Vanadium Silver.

Photo by POC Photo!
 — with Iva HandfullStella D'LettoKutie LaBootie

Seraphina FieroLady Drew Blood and Violet Ten Dencies.


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