Stripped Screw Burlesque likes to keep a sharp edge. Call us raw, gritty, funny, irreverent; call us whatever you like. It's Post-Modern Burlesque the way you like it!


“The ladies are at their best when they’re irreverent and devious, pushing the comedic envelope just a tiny bit farther than most.” - Seattle Burlesque Press, December 12 2010



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The Seattle Sound

Saturday / May 16, 2015
8:00pm Show - 6:30pm Doors open and dinner service begins in the Theater {17+} 
$25 Advance
$30 Day of Show
$35 Front Row Seating
Purchase tickets online or by calling our Box Office at 206.838.4333.
VIP rooms are also available for private parties and special events. Call our Private Dining department at 206.838.4312 to reserve a VIP room for the show.
The Seattle Sound is a live music, dance revue and narrative celebration of the people and places that have made our town a significant spot in the culture of music worldwide. This historic journey begins with a Native American percussion/native tongue vocal piece and bring us through many aspects of the music of Seattle including Jazz, R&B, Soul, Rock n Roll, Grunge, Post Grunge and modern day Hip Hop. This musical showcase features the Blue Velvet Band, led by music director, Andrew Cloutier on drums, Scott Harris bass, RL Heyer guitar and Justin Kausal-Hayes Guitar. Special guest music performances by The Experience Gospel Choir, Bernadette Bascom, The Missionary Position, Ayron Jones, Jen Ayers, Wanz and many more.
This live music revue will be accompanied by the dance showcase of Stripped Screw Burlesque. The five piece dance troupe features, Violet Tendencies, Serpahina Fiero, Kutie LaBootie, Lady Drew Blood and Stella D’Letto. These are the ladies that have brought you Disney After Dark, The Best Burlesque Pageant Ever, Undressed to Kill and many more wonderful productions throughout the years.
This event is presented to you by Blue Velvet Entertainment and Stripped Screw Burlesque.


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